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Welcome to the Old Sryth Wiki. This wiki is kept for its historical value, but it's no longer updated. The new Sryth wiki is in http://sryth.fandom.com . See Migration to Wikia for details. If you want to upload a file here, contact Scarbrow on Fandom.


This page has already been moved to the new wiki.


This is a place for players of the browser-based-RPG Sryth to share tips and information.


If you are looking for conversations and the last updates, head over to the official Sryth Forum. To discuss things about this wiki itself, you can go to Discussion.


If you are checking for hints and tips, or are stuck at some point of your adventures, check here in the wiki before going to the forum. There is a high probability your answer is already here, explained in detail.



How to start


Here is a list of links to get you started on the Sryth wiki. If you are new to Sryth you can start with the Overview and Character Creation. Then dive into Important game Concepts and the Adventure Guide.


New or veteran, you can get quickly to the most important and visited pages of the wiki using the Sidebar, which will be shown on the side of each page you visit.



An overview of the game.


Character Creation

Advice on how to create your character


Important Game Concepts

Such as alignment, stats, skills, powers, blessings and the Adventurers Guild.

You can use this page as an updated documentation of the game.






Adventure Guide

A guide to Quest locations, descriptions and rewards. Your recommended newbie and not-so-newbie starting point.


Quest list

Almost all the quests that can be done, sorted by region and linked to their particular guides, if available. It's a little harder to use than the Adventure Guide and has a certain spoiler potential.


Kingdom of Tysa

Location guide for adventures. For history and geography of Sryth, see World of Sryth


Item Guide

Descriptions of items and where they are found in-game.


Getting Started (spoiler)

A guide to a recommended order for adventures after starting a character. Use this to build up your new character quickly. This guide can take away some of the fun of discovering the game.



Frequently Asked Questions.


Questions for the GM

The GM has been so kind as to answer a lot of questions to the adventurers of Sryth. Maybe your question is already answered!



Areas currently expanding:


Saarngard Isle

Mystery and danger mix together in these fascinating adventures.


Proving Grounds VI

The last (for now) of the dangerous, daunting chaptered missions known as Proving Grounds


Game Updates

You can check here the last updates and developments of the game.



Downloadable files


XP Calculator

A downloadable Excel file that will allow you to see how much more xp you need.


Tallys Items

Another Excel file (in progress) with a list of all items available at Tallys, sorted by item type. Version 3 is expected to have an "optimization engine" able to tell you the most useful combination of items you can buy with your ATs



A text file, containing the descriptions of nearly every object available in Sryth.




Wiki organization tools


To Do

If you can think of anything that this wiki should have, add it on.



Page for discussions in the wiki, about the wiki. For those who don't follow the forum.


Known Bugs

Sryth is a game in constant expansion. You can help to improve it reporting any bugs you find.


Loose Ends

To keep track of all the current loose ends in the game




Go through Wikistyle to learn more about how to edit the Wiki.


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